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IOR in the News and Insights from the IOR Team

IOR Newsroom Archive

December 2022 and Earlier

ESG of the Year 2022.png

December 7, 2022

IOR Wins CIO Magazine ESG of the Year 2022 

IOR's Francie Heller won Chief Investment Officer Magazine's Asset Management & Servicing ESG of the Year Award at the magazine's annual industry awards in New York last night.  Read more about it here !


Allocator's Altert Nov 2022 Thumbnail.png

November 17, 2022

Attention CIOs – last week’s cooler than expected CPI data had some important implications on active vs. passive equity portfolios. In our latest publication, Allocator’s Alert, we share timely insights on how asset allocators may address emerging risks in their equity portfolios.

Click here to read the November 17, 2022 Allocator's Alert, and click here to subscribe to IOR's risk publications, including Allocator's Angle, going forward.


4Q 2022 Allocators Angle Thumbnail.png

October 6, 2022

IOR's Q4 2022 Allocator's Angle Released

Click here to read the 4Q 2022 Allocator's Angle, and click here to subscribe to Allocator's Angle going forward.

2nd year milestones.png

October 4, 2022

IOR's 2nd Year Milestones

Read more about our milestones here !

Anniversary Post.jpg

October 1, 2022

IOR Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Help celebrate our anniversary here !


IOR Q3 Allocators Angle Thumbnail.jpg

July 7, 2022

IOR's Q3 2022 Allocator's Angle Released

The Third Quarter edition of Allocator’s Angle is now available. In this issue we explore what strategies may afford diversifying returns during a uniquely challenging investment backdrop. We also provide an update on the Growth and Value factors in light of the volatile 6 months that just transpired. Allocator’s Angle will continue to be publicly available through the end of 2022 and by subscription thereafter.  You can download the Third Quarter Edition of Allocator's Angle  here.  Allocator's Angle will be publicly available in 2022, and available through a subscription thereafter.

Marques & Cynthia.png

July 6, 2022


Cynthia Steer and Marques Highland Join IOR's Strategic Advisory Team

IOR is proud to welcome Cynthia Steer and Marques Highland to the Strategic Advisory Team. Cynthia currently serves as Chair of the Investment Committee at MissionSquare Retirement, and Marques is Director – Strategic Institutional Relationships at Diamond Hill. To learn more about their industry experience, please visit our Team Page.


Allocators Angle Thumbnail.jpg

April 7, 2022

IOR's Q2 2022 Allocator's Angle Released

In this edition we share observations of several indicators that can help inform decisions regarding rebalancing your portfolios. Allocators who have been overweight risk assets may want to consider crystalizing excess returns by rebalancing risk assets toward policy targets. View and download the full Q2 2022 Allocator’s Angle from IOR  here.  Allocator's Angle will be publicly available in 2022, and available through a subscription thereafter.


Allocators Angle Thumbnail.jpg

January 20, 2022

IOR Launches Allocator's Angle

Investment Office Resources is pleased to announce the launch of Allocator’s Angle, a quarterly newsletter that provides investment commentary and analysis on key issues facing institutional investors. View and download the full Q1 2022 Allocator’s Angle from IOR  here.  Allocator's Angle will be publicly available in 2022, and available through a subscription thereafter.

OCIO Award 2021.png

December 8, 2021

IOR Wins OCIO of the Year from Chief Investment Officer

Investment Office Resources is excited to announce that it is the 2021 winner of Chief Investment Officer Magazine's OCIO of the Year.  The award was announced at last night's annual awards dinner in New York.  Read the full story  here.

IOR Launch Logo.jpg

June 15, 2021


Investment Office Resources Launches Innovative Resourcing Platform

Investment Office Resources, LLC “IOR”, is announcing the public launch of its innovative resourcing platform. IOR comes to the market with a first of its kind platform designed to help Chief Investment Officers and investment office leaders enhance and expand the organization’s in-house
investment capabilities. See the press release

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