Innovative Model

The IOR platform is rooted in today’s leading business practices:  increasing speed, quality and efficiency through new and innovative business practices; reducing fixed costs with the use of ‘flex’ staffing and on-demand access to value-add partners; optimizing productivity with easy and adjustable vendor engagements.

Multiple Engagement Types

  • Supplement your existing team with deeply experienced allocators and subject matter experts through highly flexible engagements:

    • Partial Investment Office: Bolt IOR experts onto your existing team to increase capabilities and expand bandwidth of the investment office

    • Expert Resource: Add a unique skill to fill a need or play a specialist role in the investment office

    • Project: Engage IOR to conduct or finish a much-needed project

Customizable Scope

  • Long-Term Engagements: IOR can serve as a permanent solution for a particular role/responsibility, fill gap on the team, and/or add specialization to the investment office

  • Short-Term Engagements: IOR can be ideal as a temporary solution, an investment office accelerator, or as a steady hand to bridge a gap after a key departure on the team

Flexible Pricing Models

  • Monthly Retainer: Flexible access to any / all experts of the IOR team

  • A La Carte: Expenses dependent on skill, scope, and time needed

  • Projects: One time fee for defined project