IORisk Aware's Q2 2022 Allocator's Angle

Allocator’s Angle is a quarterly newsletter that provides investment commentary and analysis on key issues facing institutional investors. By providing timely insights, we seek to help allocators make more informed investment decisions. Click here to download the latest edition.  

The New Option

IOR is a platform designed to help investment office leaders access investment talent, subject matter expertise, and industry know-how in a flexible, budget-friendly structure.  We function as part of your investment office and can be hired on a full or part-time basis. IOR was founded by CIO Tony Waskiewicz to provide peers with a new resourcing option to increase the capabilities of a sophisticated investment office.

“We created a resourcing option that we wanted and needed but could not find while serving as a CIO. Plus, helping peers and serving mission-focused organizations is a passion for me and the experts on the IOR team. There is no greater reward than partnering with and making a difference for others”

IOR Founder and CIO Anthony Waskiewicz

Our Mission

To help institutions advance their mission through the collaborative pursuit of investment excellence.

Our Values

We have a passion for serving others and aspire to share our industry knowledge, lessons learned, and subject matter expertise in a way that truly makes a difference. We believe diversity and inclusion leads to better outcomes.

Our Purpose

We are peers helping peers. We serve as a value-added shared resource for hard-working investment offices.