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IOR and Aapryl Announce Strategic Partnership

IOR has announced a strategic partnership with Aapryl, an innovative investment analytics program.  Read about it here.

August 11, 2023

A New Resourcing Option for Investment Offices

IOR is a platform that helps investment office leaders and investment committees by delivering skills, domain expertise, specialization and sophisticated solutions that are otherwise difficult to access with traditional resourcing options.  We support your pursuit of excellence by adding expertise, optimizing your time and budget, increasing efficiency and improving outcomes.

IOR Fills the Gaps Left by Traditional Service Offerings

Our Purpose

To help allocators invest even better tomorrow than today.

Our Mission

To provide creative solutions to complex problems through innovation, a desire to make a difference, and a passion to serve others.

Our Vision

To combine our expertise with yours in the collaborative pursuit of investment excellence.

“We created a resourcing option that we wanted and needed but could not find while serving as a CIO. Plus, helping peers and serving mission-focused organizations is a passion for me and the experts on the IOR team. There is no greater reward than partnering with and making a difference for others”

IOR Founder and Co-CIO Anthony Waskiewicz

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